Our Philosophy

All Students can achieve their full potential and become successful and valuable members of society.  When a student’s needs cannot be met by the environment in the public school, some time in a more supported, therapeutic, evidence based learning environment can close the gaps, help them establish skills they need, and help them reach a place in their growth that allows for reintegration with their school community. 


Our Mission

To provide a developmentally  appropriate, therapeutic, and enriching alternative learning environment when indicated by their needs.

To discover and make best use of each student's strengths and passions in designing and guiding their personalized learning plans.

To teach and develop community centered skills necessary for each student to thrive in today's society.

To facilitate and design for re-integration to the sending school.

A specialized environment that can meet the individual needs of students whose lives are impacted by trauma, anxiety, or other emotional disorders.

The four pillars

At Two Roads Academy our work is supported by an integration of four approaches to learning that we have termed our four pillars. Each of these four pillars is an effective and evidence based approach to learning and behavior change. When combined, they become a powerful foundation for sustainable growth and learning.