Our curriculum is tailored to each student using the following components:

Partnership with LEA

Each school who entrusts us with a student at risk has invested time and energy learning about the needs of their student.  We spend many hours in partnership with the LEA to learn from their work. We work closely with sending schools to determine goals for their students.  We can maintain connections that are valuable and work toward reintegration with a combined focus on keeping our student reaching toward similar goals as their peers.

Personalized Learning Plans

Each student, in collaboration with their LEA, families, and Two Roads team will develop personalized learning plans (PLPs) through which to reach developmentally appropriate standards.  PLPs will be used to integrate a student's strengths, passions, and personal goals with the educational and social emotional growth desired by their team.

Outdoor education

Our outdoor education component offers a unique and experiential entry point to six key characteristics that are important to success in life: critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork and collaboration, creativity and innovation, diversity, and leadership. These skills are often seen as Transferable Skills in district curriculum materials around the state.

Our location in north western Vermont offers extraordinary access to lake, mountains, valleys, and community settings through which to build these skills, and use the power of nature to benefit those affected by trauma, anxiety, and other mental health challenges.

Integration of math, science, language arts, expressive arts, and social emotional curriculum will be a strong component of our outdoor education curriculum.


Individualized special education

We offer the LEA and families the comfort of knowing our curricular materials are overseen by our Special Educators and a Masters Level Educator and licensed, certified Behavior Analyst.  Evidence based teaching techniques that make best use of small group or individualized instruction are used to support the highest rate of progress that students can achieve.  Our continuous dedication to staying current with research and commitment to data driven evaluation of student learning helps students close achievement gaps.

Our curriculum is designed to reflect learning outcomes as represented by Vermont's use of the Common Core standards and Proficiency Based Graduation Requirements, with a specialized focus on the social emotional growth and transferrable skills our students need.